Murder They Wrote…

The Murder of Jessica Sawyer album cover
Who Murdered Jessica Sawyer?

What do you get when you mix one dead girl, eight suspects, a healthy dash of teen angst and a sprinkling of cheating and lies? A riveting three-part audio-play ‘The Murder of Jessica Sawyer‘ by 100 Story Building’s teenage Write Club, of course!

Jessica Sawyer has been murdered – pushed out a window – at her own 18th birthday party. Detective Jones is on the case. His interview tapes with the party-goers reveal they all had some motive to murder.

In all reports Jessica was a bully. She’s plagiarised songs, cheated on her boyfriend, and made fun of friends for their ethnic and gender identity – not cool. Even if ‘all the donkey girl does is ruin lives’ does that mean she deserved to die on her birthday? And who’s motive was strong enough to commit MURDER? Can you figure it out before the Detective and his Deputy?

This audio play is brought to you by Write Club, a weekly club for teenage writers coordinated by 100 Story Building. Teenage writers / directors / producers Jorja Lee, Yanna Stamatelos and Caitlin Hua-Ching spent a year developing this story with the support of crime writer Anna Snoekstra. They created characters and backstories, cast voice actors, and even drew up the plot of the house where the murder occurred to make sure everything flows.

What did they get when they wrote clever twists, created funny characters, added great voice acting and a few shocking confessions? This thrilling murder mystery of course!

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Written, directed and produced by
Jorja LeeYanna Stamatelos and Caitlin Hua-Ching

Simon Conlon as the Detective Charlie Jones
Lachlann Carter as the Deputy John Laurens and Miguel
Alli Menzies as Evie
Yanna Stamatelos as Valerie
Caitlin Hua-Ching as Skye
Jorja Lee as Darcy
Korik Bestrin as Brandon
Kelvin Hua-Ching as Jaxon
Anna Snoekstra as Hank and the announcer

Special thanks to
Jessie Good
Christian O’Brien
Ben McKenzie
Anna Snoekstra
Simon Conlon
100 Story Building