Nine reasons to buy ‘Pigeons: Stories in the Post, Volume II’

  1. Books make the best presents, and stories co-written by authors and children make the best books.
  2. There are forty-two (forty-two!) contributing authors.
  3. For $22 you get 21 stories. That’s around $1.05 a story. That’s a bargain.
  4. It has many evil geniuses, including, but not limited to: a rock intent on world-domination, a science teacher who can’t dance, a soiled nappy-shooting mastermind, a swarm of sugar-crazed wasps, and one regular old evil guy.
  5. Three of the stories are actually comics. Or put another way, eighteen of the comics are actually entirely devoid of pictures.
  6. The stories are accompanied by excerpts from the letters that the authors and students posted to each other discussing how the stories would be written – kind of like a director’s commentary option in a DVD extras menu, but paper-based.
  7. Proceeds from the sale of the book go back into supporting Pigeons programs.
  8. The story titles in this book are better than the story titles in any other book. Here are just a few examples: ‘Y-front Jocks and Footy’, ‘Odie and the Exploding Toilet’, ‘Generation Nappy’, ‘Super Cat vs. the Evil Guy’.
  9. Did we mention the bit about proceeds raised going back into our literacy programs?

Pigeons: Stories in the Post, Volume II is available from the Younger Sun bookshop in Yarraville, and online.

Pick up your copy today!