Are You Out Of Ideas?

Collabowriters at slime making workshop

Last month, children at Westvale Community Centre, St Albans, got together for a slime making workshop. Together with slime expert Esme Prested, a Level 44 Write Club veteran, they tried making the perfect slime using glue, borax, water, colour and lots of glitter.

Two tubs of slime and tons of fun later, they finally arrived at the recipe for the shiniest, slimiest slime. The recipe will be included in a zine called Out of Ideas? along with other creative activities that the children have been testing and trying as a part of the Collabowrite project.

Here’s where YOU can join in: the Collabowriters are running a  ‘come and test’ day at Westvale Community Centre on 3 and 4 October, and would like to invite children and their families to drop-in and make space-age planes, DIY ping-pong shooters and comics with them!

Parents and families are welcome to try out activities, or join 100 Story Building staff for tea and snacks and a chat about creative learning!

Date & Time: 3 or 4 October, 10am and 12:30pm.

Where: Westvale Community Centre, 45 Kings Road, St Albans

Ages: For 7 to 12 year-olds, parents and family members.

 RSVP to Westvale Community Centre. P: 9249 4665 or E:

Collabowrite is run in partnership between 100 Story Building, Westvale Community Centre and Brimbank City Council.