Paper Fire Live







PaperFire_BonesWhoa, this it just too loud for eyes! What’s that you say? There’s nothing loud about it? Well. We’re hearing lots of things. Fireworks, whirring, bones breaking. Perhaps you needed to be at the Paper Fire live listening party to hear these too. Hey, why don’t we take you there now?

Picture a bright June day at the wonderful Footscray Community Arts Centre, with the Maribyrnong River glinting in the winter sunshine. Now come on in with us to the darkened performance space lit only by the bright centre stage. Listen as strangely vintage voices take you back to the golden age of radio plays.


Now the stage empties and the lights dim. Hark, what’s that you hear? The voices of Grade 5/6 students from Footscray Primary School transformed into a race of Aliens and a race of Scientists fighting a Great War, that’s what. Or judges handing down judgements on imagination.

That’s not all. Ten radio plays debuted on that day, with their young creators hearing them for the first time since recording. While there was sadly no live Foley demonstration, a couple of students read out their reflections on the Paper Fire process. Now we know that coconuts are hard to source for SFX.


But as all the students vowed to remain true to the Fellowship of the Foley, we reckon they’ll come up with some good substitutes for that clip-clopping sound.


And look, we did give them props that should help. These Radio Play Reading Glasses for example.


That’s it folks, the Paper Fire live listening party. Maybe those GIFs have sound now after all? Stay tuned for the online premieres of the plays!

Paper Fire was a collaboration between 100 Story Building, SYN Media and Express Media.