Paperback Pigeons

After six months of hard work by all the authors (young and old), editors, proofreaders, one talented designer, and a whole host of people too numerous to mention who did all manner of things to get this show on the road, we now have the very first Pigeons collection printed, bound and proud. And it is a beautiful little object, full of wit and wonder.

We launched ‘Pigeons: Stories in the post’ last night in the amphitheatre of the Footscray Community Arts Centre, with speeches, readings, a performance of ‘Beat It’ by a supergroup made up of students and authors, and an unexpected visit from our cranky publisher himself, Mr P. Johns.

We wish to give a warm thanks to all those who came along and shared in the celebration with us. It was a wonderful way to finish off this project, and we are truly appreciative of everyone’s support.