Pigeon Post Going Underground


Letter from our Esteemed Editor.

Well, here we are again dear reader! After the usual flurry of feathers and dashing for deadlines (sorely missed, sorry about that), we’re proud to bring you Pigeon Post Issue 2. One glance at the stories that fill this issue and you will be amazed, as I am, that we’re here at all! Last issue we put out the call for intrepid newshounds to investigate the strange happenings on level 49. What they discovered has shaken 100 Story Building to its foundations (and that is a looooong way down). We should have suspected the investigation would reveal something horrible and nasty at the heart of these events but little could we have imagined that level 49 is teaming with – monsters! There are so many monsters down there that they don’t just go bump in the night – they’re constantly bumping into each other! One of our reporters even confessed to being a monster themselves. There are too many horrible creatures to fit in this issue but we’ve got the scoop on some of the worst offenders. So lock the door, turn on all the lights and have a fresh pair of underwear on standby as you read these accounts from our intrepid Pigeon Post reporters.


P.S. Trust me on the underwear.

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Some of the stories were too spine chilling to print in full. But as an extra special Halloween present, one brave volunteer stuffed various monsters in to this handy ebook for your (terrified) enjoyment. Click on the image to download an epub file.

100Story-COVER-300dpi-scoops copy

Thank you to our volunteer publishing team: Brendan Barnett, Sebastian Fowler, Allison Menzies and Bounce Books.