These autographs will be worth something someday

‘Will you sign my book?’

‘Sure, but you need to sign mine too.’

‘Hold on, don’t sign it, do a drawing.’

‘A drawing of a pigeon?’


Conversations like this filled the air at Footscray Community Arts Centre last night, as authors young and old, along with friends, family and supporters gathered in the beautiful outdoor amphitheatre to celebrate the launch of Pigeons: Stories in the Post Volume II.

The book, a wondrous tome rich with hilarious and touching tales, was introduced to the world by way of some fantastic readings. With forty-two (yes, forty-two) authors contributing, a good portion of the evening was given over to first meetings, signings and the excited comparing of autograph-covered title pages.

We would like to thank all those who came along to the launch. And we would especially like to extend our warmest thanks to the authors, volunteers and family members who have been so important in supporting this program.

View photos from the day here!