Podcasting with LEVEL 87 Book Club!


Over the summer holidays, the members of Level 87 Book Club tried to prise open the trapdoor and sneak down the 100 Story Building elevator to record their very first podcast. Too bad the elevator doors were rusted shut due to poor maintenance service checks!

Nevertheless, they were able to utilise their new sound recording and editing skills to capture the mysterious sounds from the underground levels, talk about their favourite books and report back their findings on the definite lack of snacks available.

Listen to the full podcast episode here on Soundcloud.

If you’re thinking of making your own podcast, here’s some advice from Level 87 Book Club:

Hot tips for anyone wanting to start their own podcast:
• Don’t lean into the microphone!
• Don’t be scared of awkward…pauses.
• Do your research and think about your favourite books.
• Talk broader! Think about how people relate to books and other interests to talk about.
• Get to know your co-hosts so conversation flows and you can make hilarious jokes!

What was the hardest thing about podcasting?
Editing! Learning the software, listening to your voice on repeat and knowing, after hearing it a thousand times, what is good to leave in the edit.

When making a podcast, what are the best snacks to eat?
If you’re recording, nothing too crunchy – like chocolate-chip biscuits. Especially not anything that will make you burp into the mic!

If you would like to join the Level 87 Book Club, find out more here!