Postcards from the Time Machine


Please come to 100 Story Building and leave the Time Machine Postcards from your travels so people can share in your exciting journeys! And keep exploring!

Recently, artist and explorer Anne Kucera ‘borrowed’ 100 Story Building’s time machine. Anne was working on extending the Time Machine’s 1 second time travel capabilities when she discovered an anomoly. When the ‘warp’ button was held down as you time travel, you could go to any time – past, present or future and, anywhere in this universe! Or any other universe!

It was a great discovery that allowed Anne and her fellow explorer friends to go on some amazing adventures. But the magic went further after they found that when the warp button was used, a hidden mechanism was revealed that had captured the moment of travel as a postcard!

To celebrate all the adventures taken with the Time Machine, Anne has recreated a space inside time itself at 100 Story Building, with treasures and trinkets found on the many Time Machine travels. Anne also created the Time Machine as a pop-up book to show the everyone how it works (now that the real one is safely back on Level 42 in 100 Story Building).

Anne Kucera is a visual artist currently based on Earth. Anne works with paper and loves making pop-up artworks, but also enjoys sculpture, drawing, installation and printmaking. All her artwork is handmade and has always explored ideas surrounding human existence and its connection to the external world.