Proofreading Party


This is the usual sound of Tuesday afternoons in the Building, when Level 44 Write Club is hard at work. The only pauses are filled with spring rolls, steamed bao and bananas – editing fuel.

Over the past few weeks, Write Club have been writing and polishing short story submissions for the second edition of Things A Map Won’t Show You, a collection of stories from authors across Australia and the Oceanic region.

Write Club dreamed, crafted, embellished, coloured, raced, stopped, deleted, squeezed, shouted, gave up, got motivated and completely changed direction but in the end they all arrived at the Proofreading Party, manuscripts in hand. And spent a last few precious moments shovelling in cookies and editing out extraneous words.

Writing to a submissions deadline focused the minds and talents of our Write Club authors. Did they all make it? Yes they did! And now the manuscripts are on an editorial desk awaiting their first reading. Perhaps we should wait a couple of weeks to ask what Write Club really thought of it all. Please don’t ask them now, they’re far too busy. And for the love of cookies don’t mention any more editing!

We also used up so much knowledge and experience of our amazing professional editor and volunteer Alli that she had to book a holiday to New York to get over it. (Actually it was already booked, but it’s good timing.)

So, next week it will be back to the norm of bite-size writing challenges in our Writing Gym, chats about our tolerances for Vampire romance and our love of unconventional relationships in books. Sound like your thing? Join us!

But until then…


About Level 44 Write Club

Writing is often a solitary pursuit, but even real authors hook up with their fellow writers every now and then to share their work and bounce ideas around. Whether it be a murder mystery novel, a sci-fi zombie romance comic, or an epic poem about life as a Neanderthal, we can help you develop it, or just provide a quiet space so you can do your writerly thing.
Drop in to 100 Story Building’s cosy workshop space every Tuesday afternoon to work on that thing you’re writing. Volunteers will be on hand to help you get your creative ideas flowing, and there will be regular sharing and discussion sessions.

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