Rochelle. Early Harvest Editor.

Early Harves 2016 Britney_Rochelle

Here is this year’s editors’ first ever ‘interview’, although it turned out to be more of an awkward conversation because Britney is just awkward. Today we have Rochelle with us, so shall we begin?

Britney: Hey, can you just introduce yourself and tell us one fact?

Rochelle: My name is Rochelle and I like to play football.

B: Oooh football. Do you have a team you barrack for?

R: Western Bulldogs.

B: Cool … So how did you find out about Early Harvest?
(Message from Britney: Because complete subject change, not disjointed at all)

R: Last year, they said they were taking stories and I wanted to write a story but I didn’t get accepted so this year I wanted to become an editor.

B: Oh, so did you have to apply for it?

R: Yeah we had to do an application.

B: You must’ve been one out of many applicants to get it then! That’s really good. Okay, let’s get to know you better. Very important, what’s your favourite colour?

R: Blue.

B: What’s your favourite subject?

R: Writing.

B: What are you currently doing in school for writing?

R: We do a subject for each term and this term we’re doing information texts. I’m doing technology.

B: Is it fun?

R: Yes.

B: Well, it might change when you get into high school. Not to scare you or anything. Do you have a favourite animal?

R: That would be a grey wolf. Because they’re so cute and I really like dogs, then I found out about grey wolves so…

B: That’s cute. So, about Early Harvest, what have you enjoyed the most so far?

R: Like today, when we were creating the choose-your-own-adventure.

B: Are you excited for Early Harvest?

R: Yes! I’m helping a friend to write a story.


B: Are you going to continue with writing when you’re older?

R: Yes.

B: Do you aspire to become an author now that you’re really into editing and stuff?

R: Yes! My mum also wants me to do whatever I enjoy.

B: That’s good! Well that’s the end. Thank you.
Britney is a sixteen year old blueberry living the typical fruit salad life. When she’s not busy trying to get her fruity life together or studying fruitology (she means biology), she is busy running in the woods with deers, rabbits and possums or swimming in the ocean with dolphins in her procrastinating mind. If not, you’ll find her doodling and spilling creative lines on paper instead of her homework… productive and healthy.