A Schematic of 100 Story Building

100 Story Building Program SS16

Our Spring/Summer 2016 program is out now! Plan your storytelling jaunts for holidays, class or afternoons with us using this handy program. Thank you to storyteller Meera, artist Cameron Baker and designer Lachlan McDougall for helping us pull the program together.

But what is it that we actually do here? Earlier this year we had a group of work experience students in sharing their ideas and knowledge with visitors to our Building. What did they discover? Read on!

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When one enters 100 Story Building it becomes clear that its inhabitants are a group that dare to question the improbable as a gateway for the imagination. At 100 Story Building, children and young people are encouraged to expand their imagination in ways that challenge what is said to be impossible. They are then guided in applying this creative thinking to their writing and reading, allowing them to be more open-minded. Despite the occasional skepticism about the existence of the 99 floors that remain beyond the elusively overgrown trapdoor, it adds to the aesthetic of the otherwise small space and creates a magical awe, especially in younger children.

But the question still remains: What exactly is 100 Story Building?

The staff here fancy the Building to be a creative outlet where children are given the opportunity to broaden their imagination’s horizons, and apply this imaginative creativity to their work. This push towards creative thinking is scattered throughout the Building in the forms of artwork, books, a curious trapdoor that contains unknown wonders, a rental time machine (it only goes back and forth one second), and an enigmatic bookshelf (that totally doesn’t open in to a secret room). These various things serve as stimulus for the young minds that participate in the many workshops that 100 Story Building has to offer. They try to provide as much inspiration as they can for the young writers, so that stories contain infinite possibilities.

As a not-for-profit organisation, 100 Story Building depends on volunteering, social enterprise and generous donations. This – we hope – means that the whole community can be engaged and and foster a sense of belonging for children and young people.

The truth is, 100 Story Building is unable to be categorised into one thing. It is a unique organisation that can’t be described without using mega long sentences consisting of “imagination”, “creativity” and “broaden” or “expand”. But to put it into simple terms, 100 Story Building is a centre for young and aspiring writers. We, the inhabitants of Levels 69 and 76, personally invite you and your family, to a world of fiction, where you create your own limitations.

Riley is a sarcastic Year 10 student, a passionate writer, binge reader and nerd.
Bill is an extraverted teenager who enjoys playing music and writing… things………….