Way back in February, Grade 6 students at Dinjerra Primary School began their investigation into the subject of volunteering. If you recall, there were some important questions to be answered in the course of this hard-hitting journalism project. Questions such as ‘can you volunteer to help yourself?’

Well, this week this expose on volunteerism in the west delighted crowds at the Sun Theatre, where Put Your Hands in the Air had a premiere screening as part of National Volunteer Week 2013.

And tell you what, this premiere had it all. Slapstick stand-up, serious background pieces and incisive interviews – watch out Cannes! Thanks to all the volunteers who (double) volunteered their time to be interviewed for the project, and to all the special guest presenters who shared their journalism and production knowledge.

You’ll all be pleased to know that the students of Dinjerra Primary now have a perfect understanding of the roles volunteers play, as evidenced by this vox pop conducted afterwards:

Q. Would you like to be a volunteer yourself?

A. Yes, yes I would, I want to volunteer for the airforce, because I want to be a pilot.

Thanks for that. We shall update our list of volunteer qualities to the following: good, tidy superheroes who donate their time flying airplanes.

Stay tuned for the digital broadcast of the wonderful interviews filmed by the students.

Put Your Hands in the Air was delivered by 100 Story Building and Volunteer West as part of Maribyrnong City Council’s volunteerism@Maribyrnong initiative.

Speaking of volunteers, would you like to volunteer with us? We’re having a get-together to celebrate National Volunteer Week, and welcome anyone who is interested in finding out more about our work.