Andy Griffiths: Storeys & Stories!

2014-02-03 15 Andy

The very first Level 87 Book Club of the year began with a cautionary tale: don’t miss out on Level 87 Book Club because you never know who might drop in to share their favourite books. Last Monday, best-selling author Andy Griffiths took some time out from his many-storeyed treehouse to visit our many-storied building. Guess what one of Andy’s most-loved books is? A book of cautionary tales, of course! That would be why he lives in a treehouse with a tank full of sharks, right?

Delighted book-clubbers were also treated to a sneak peek of a top-secret new book. If you can find these guys in the playground, they just might share what is on the 45th storey …

2014-02-03 16 Andy

Thanks Andy for climbing down from your treehouse construction work and hanging out with us at Level 87 Book Club. Hope to see you in the Building again soon!

Level 87 Book Club happens on Mondays (middle readers) and Thursdays (YA readers), after school.