Story Hubs are multiplying!

The 100 Story Building concept is multiplying…

Thanks to our generous community of supporters, this December we opened our first two Story Hubs at Copperfield College and Sunshine Primary School. An entire year of planning, co-design, co-creation, imagination stretching and world-building has gone into the creation of these spaces, which will now be the inspiration for students to create new stories well into the future.

“What I loved most was seeing the room grow, the process of discussing ideas, designing the room, picking the colours. What pops out the most was building the creative dragon story. The room holds so much meaning – I just love this room!” says Deen, a Year 7 student at Copperfield College.

Deen is just one of the students who’s been involved in Story Hubs this year along with his fellow students, teachers and 100 Story Building.

We’re partnering with three Story Hubs pilot schools over three years to bring creativity into the spotlight.

According to Lucy Grande, Literacy Leader and Mary Chiodo, Campus Principal from Copperfield College, the hubs will improve access to enriching and creative learning experiences for students who are falling behind their peers in the areas of reading and writing, as well as provide further learning opportunities for students who are working at or above the expected level.

Both openings were momentous occasions for the entire school community and the team from 100 Story Building. Thank you for being a part of this exciting moment for our Story Hubs schools. Your generous support for 100 Story Building has helped us bring Story Hubs to life.

In other exciting news, we will be opening doors on our third Story Hub in February 2020, at Meadows Primary School in Broadmeadows.

Principal Anthony Potesta of Meadows Primary shares his excitement about the potential for the Story Hub at his school:

“Having now engaged in the 100SB workshops, I can truly appreciate the level of engagement from the students and teachers, and see the benefits for all stakeholders in bringing Story Hubs to our school community. Our vision as a school is to instil a love of literacy in our community and not let the notion of ‘social disadvantage’ be the reason our families disengage from reading and writing.”

We look forward to updating you on the Hub at Meadows Primary School in 2020. We’ll keep you updated on the exciting developments at each school during year two of this important pilot.

Thank you for your support of 100 Story Building and our major project Story Hubs in 2019.

Read about our Story Hubs program here.

The Story Hubs pilot is possible thanks to the generous support of the Aesop Foundation, The Ian Potter Foundation, The Samuel Nissen Charitable Foundation, H & L Hecht Trust, King and McMillan Foundation, the Australian Communities Foundation and our valued individual donors.