Building, Check. Story, Help?


If you have ever sat down (stood up, sat down again, stared at the ceiling, stood up, hopped on one leg) and tried to write anything, you don’t even need us to finish this sentence, because you KNOW WHAT COMES NEXT.

Nothing. That’s right, that empty-head feeling can strike anyone, at anytime, even those most prolific idea-generators, young writers.

So we’ve devised this diabolical plan for 100 Story Building, where young writers will only need to look up and BAM! there’s a story starter staring them down. One problem. We’ve been so focused on the Building in 100 Story Building that we’re all out of Story.

Can you help? We would love to have story starters crawling up the walls, spilling out of jars, hiding under tables (sometimes we look for ideas under tables. Oh, that’s just us?). We will accept donations of story starters in any form: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Email, Pigeon Mail. Tag it with #100SB. Eternal gratitude will be yours, because it will make it that much easier for us to answer this question.