Summer Trapdoors and Tendrils


We’re not just going down the trapdoor these holidays, we’re venturing out in to the deep wilds of the city. If you’re looking for summer activities for your intrepid storytelling child in January, then may we suggest these?


MMEETS @ MPavilion


Like Dorothy’s house landing on the wicked witch, MPavilion has landed on top of something odd and wonderful sprouting from the Queen Victoria Gardens. Who knows how long this strangeness has lain hidden deep beneath the ground? But now it has begun to grow. And communicate. What are these coloured wires curling upwards? What are the funny-shaped devices waving from their ends? And what is all the sound coming from them?

Scientists have examined these growths and concluded that only people with very sensitive eyes and ears can interpret them. In other words, children.

In this special series of free workshops, 100 Story Building invites very young writers to help us translate these messages from deep below the earth. Grab a pencil, a texta, a typewriter, a strip of paper and write or draw what you hear—so we can pass the messages on to curious passersby!

Presented in collaboration with MPavilion and JOFmakesART.

Where: MPavilion, Queen Victoria Gardens
When: 4-15 January, varies. Check schedule here.
Cost: Free


100 Story Holidays

When school goes on holidays, we go on Perilous Quests through DIY Universes where Heroes Go That Way and people are forever making Comic-BOOMS. That’s how we roll. If you’re aged 7-12 years and love a good story, then we reckon you should join us!

Where: 100 Story Building
When: 18-22 January, 9:30am-12:30pm
Cost: $45/workshop

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