Ten reasons you should book a 100 Story Studio class

100StoryB_MP letter

Everyone needs a little help at some point in their writing journey. Author Michael Pryor did a stellar job helping young co-author Ari begin his short fantasy story, and since it ended up being published in Pigeon Letters: Stories in the Post, Vol. II, we reckon Michael knows a thing or two. Here are our helpful reasons for you to book a writing masterclass with Michael, or with 100 Story Studio’s other equally talented presenters.

  1. There are three (3!)  to choose from: with Michael Pryor creating worlds, Hardie Grant Egmont going back to basics and Alice Pung on memoir.
  2. The aforementioned authors are not only entertaining and knowledgeable presenters, but also award-winning writers of best-selling children’s and young adult books.
  3. The aforementioned publisher Hardie Grant Egmont is sending none other than their Publishing Director Hilary Rogers and Managing Editor Marisa Pintado to show you the ropes.
  4. Seriously, kids all over the world read the books that these presenters have created.
  5. You’ll be under the tutelage of master wordsmiths.
  6. In Michael Pryor’s masterclass, you’ll get to talk for hours about clothing styles, class distinctions and the price of bread in a TOTALLY MAKE-BELIEVE WORLD.
  7. In Hardie Grant Egmont’s masterclass, you’ll get to cast a discerning eye over your work and give it a solid foundation for building your story.
  8. In Alice Pung’s masterclass, you’ll get to talk through all those tricky concerns of memoir writing and feel confident in approaching your own personal story.
  9. Small class sizes, supportive fellow students, central locations – it’s just the thing to give momentum to your work-in-progress or story idea!
  10. By taking a 100 Story Studio class, you make it possible for marginalised children and young people in the inner-west to foster their own love of creative writing.

What are you waiting for?