We did it!

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Dear Imagination Investors,

We thank you from the bottom of our very deep building! Your generous investments into 100 Story Sale have helped us raise $44,650 towards promoting the imagination and creativity of children and young people in Melbourne, particularly those from marginalised backgrounds.

As a Level owner, there are three Building rules you must follow under all circumstances.
• Never leave the trapdoor open. The narwhals on Level 20 complain about the draft.
• The Top Secret Level is Top Secret for a reason. DO NOT ENTER.
• Always greet the Llamas from Level 26 with ‘We don’t know. We were on holidays’. (It’s a long story!)

Your support means we can continue to deliver creative programs that support literacy development, confidence and community connections.

In particular, your generous donation will help us execute Story Hubs this year: a project to set up several co-owned children’s creative spaces across Melbourne’s west. A number of Trusts and Foundations are already funding the pilot project. But generous investors like you, who understand the value of creativity and imagination in building the innovators and problem-solvers of tomorrow, will help us get it over the line.

We still have a few Levels available for sale. So continue telling the world why you support 100 Story Building and why they should too!


100 Story Building Management
Level 100