Thank You Mr Melhem

Secret Library

The radio on the Secret Library Level crackled suddenly on Tuesday, June 5. It was Cesar Melhem, the MLC Member for Western Metropolitan, speaking at the Victorian Legislative Council.

We were curious. Melhem had just visited the Building on 30th May. Would we get a mention?

His short speech sent a loud cheer down our very deep Building. Thank you, Mr Melhem for your vote for confidence!

The Building residents quickly created a transcript which we faithfully share below:

‘Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Lachlann Carter, the CEO and co-founder of 100 Story Building, and Sandeep Varma, who is a board member, to tour their facility in Footscray and receive an update on their current feasibility study on Story Hubs. The 100 Story Building organisation has come a long way since it first opened its door in September 2013. I was able to see firsthand the important work it does to ensure that children and young people are given the opportunity to foster their creative voice and have their ideas shared and respected. It brings together young writers and members of Melbourne’s creative community and encourages them to share their skills and understandings through creative storytelling, excursions, publishing programs and after-school activities. It works with schools, councils, festivals and services to co-create programs that support positive outcomes for children and young people through direct programming, teacher development and strategic consultations.

I would like to specifically congratulate Lachlann Carter for his tireless work and dedication towards making a positive change to the lives of many children and young people. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank all the staff, students and the local community for their support that has allowed 100 Story Building to be where it is today. I want to congratulate it for the great work it does for children and young people from culturally diverse and marginalised backgrounds living in Victoria and Melbourne’s west. I look forward to working with the 100 Story building team to support their strategic objectives and to achieve positive results for young people in the west.’

You can support 100 Story Building by participating in our 100 Story Sale fundraiser. All donations above $2 are tax deductible.