That was a Stick Up!

It was a monster mash at North Melbourne Primary School when Grade 1/2 Mark’s class finally met the Melbourne University artists they have been collaborating with on This is a Stick Up!

Having spent seven weeks creating some wonderful visual stories, the students came together to paste-up the final chapters in their monstrous tales.

This is a Stick Up! was a huge amount of fun to be involved in, and Pigeons was honoured to be able to work with some truly inspirational educators in making it happen.

Mark Quinn, the intrepid classroom teacher who worked with us to develop the idea, has an infectious enthusiasm and energy, and it is little wonder that this graduate teacher has already been nominated for a NEiTA ASG Inspirational Teaching Award.

Dr Marnee Watkins, the Visual Art lecturer at the University of Melbourne, brought to the project valuable experience from a lifelong passion for art education, and helped to develop the program into something just as valuable for the university students as it was for the school students.

And the artist Sharon Goodwin ran a sensational workshop with Mark’s class on creating paste-up artworks.

We would like to extend our warmest thanks to these three, and to everyone else who helped make This is a Stick Up! so awesome.

Put your hands in the air!

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