The Building in AEU News

Early Harvest 2018 Heather Hills


We found The Building drowning in rainbows! Clearly, the rainbow barfing cats were very excited about something…

We found the answer in the latest issue AEU News, a quarterly magazine for teachers across Victoria. It is carrying a fabulous feature on our Early Harvest program! No wonder the cats can’t stop barfing rainbows!

Early Harvest is an annual project where we bring together an editorial board of upper-primary students to publish an issue of the annual literary journal early harvest. Last year, we had editors and writers from 13 schools across Melbourne’s west participate in the program.

The cats insist that we share this quote by Chris Karageorge, a teacher at St Albans Heights Primary that participated in the program last year.

‘There were at least two reluctant writers last year that I know came a long way. They went from having apprehension and low confidence with writing, not thinking their ideas were any good, and then based on all the work we did [in the program], they became more confident and were proud of their writing pieces.’

Read the full feature here to find out how teachers and students can benefit from Early Harvest program and our creative writing programs.

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