The Mysterious Leak

Hush! There is something strange brewing at Meadows Primary. A rumour is going around the school of strange occurrences, sounds and sightings. Is it connected to a mysterious leak in the school’s Community Hub?

In fact, the principal Anthony Potesta was spooked enough to release a video to his students setting them the top secret task of digging into the cause of the supposed leak, and come up with creative design solutions to contain it.

This imaginative exercise is a part of the school’s Story Hubs pilot project. In partnership with 100 Story Building, students and teachers are co-designing an inspiring and imaginative space dedicated to creative learning in the school.

In this space, children will be encouraged to find their creative voice through the crafting, drawing, writing, designing, editing and telling of stories.

The young storytellers at Meadows Primary have been hard at work. Taking their imaginations into a deep dive through portals, they have come up with unique, elaborate worlds full of colour, drama and impossible creatures!

Story Hubs aims to foster stronger connections amongst students, teachers and families. Involving the students and teachers in the design journey of the space is key to them building a sense of ownership for the hub.

Students shared their design solutions with their families at the school’s annual Meadows Design Expo. On this day, the school opens up its classrooms to students, parents and neighbouring community for a visit.

Supported by Aesop Foundation and the Ian Potter Foundation, Story Hubs takes a unique approach to empowering students by helping them find their creative self, and through it promote confidence, literacy and sense of belonging.

As Principal of Meadows Primary School, I am thrilled to be part of the Story Hubs initiative that will see increased levels of engagement in literacy for our students, teachers and parents.

The Story Hubs initiative will support and enrich the literacy needs of the community and help to improve the learning outcomes for all our students, especially those students with English as their second or third (or sometimes fourth) language.

Story Hubs will help to promote the love of literature, creativity and collaboration within our community and I am genuinely excited by what the future will hold for our students.

Anthony Potesta, Principal, Meadows Primary School