The secret is out!

The secrets, the hints, the sly references to comic content – we’ve been teasing you about early harvest for a while now. Since March, to be exact.
So we’re excited to announce:

Well, almost.

You didn’t think we’d give away all our secrets at once, did you? Especially since the Editorial Board has been working on it for months.

early harvest comic submissions

… from authors and illustrators, young and old, funny and not-funny, but they all had one thing in common. They were about SECRETS. The Editorial Board had heaps of information about editing, fonts, storyboarding and printing to digest, but …

Ta da!

Here it is folks, early harvest, a new kind of literary magazine bursting with fresh young writing, illustrations you’ll by dying to cut out and stick on your wall (have to buy a spare copy then, eh?) and a bunch of superstar children’s authors and illustrators, including Terry Denton, Sally Rippin, Sherryl Clark and Paul Collins.

Get yourself down to the Sun Theatre in Yarraville, on Saturday 12 November at 11am and find out why this is one literary mag that you won’t be able to keep secret for long.
If you can’t make it to the launch, pre-order your copy online here, or at one of these bookstores.

The early harvest comic was written by the Early Harvest editorial board and illustrated by Chris Downes.