Use those red pens wisely

With the Great Red Pen comes great responsibility.

Fortunately, the Early Harvest editorial board understand the gravity of this, and have pledged to wield their editing tools in accordance with the Universal Red Pen Code of Conduct.

Thus began Pigeons’ exciting new program for 2011, in which a group of young editors will conceptualise, edit and publish a children’s edition of harvest magazine. The editorial board, made up of 10 to 12 year olds from the inner west, met for the first time this week and discussed the big job ahead of them with equal measures of enthusiasm and butterflies.

Following a wonderful introduction by harvest magazine publisher Davina Bell on what literary magazines are all about, the young editors explored the contents of their editorial toolkits, which were packed with all the necessary tools, including their Official Editorial ‘Eagle Eye’ Glasses.

Over the next sixteen workshops, the editorial board will be joined by professionals from the publishing industry, to take them through all the important aspects of creating a literary journal. First on the roster is Kate O’Donnell from the Younger Sun children’s bookshop in Yarraville. Kate will be giving the bookseller’s perspective, helping the young editors to consider their audience, product and pricing.

Stay tuned for updates on Early Harvest, as over the coming weeks the editorial board tackle such challenges as calling for submissions, designing the magazine, offering feedback, and pulling out the red pen for some serious editing.