Volunteer Spotlight: Elliot

2014-02-17 09.45.09 Elliot &SHPS

It’s time we revealed who really does all the work at 100 Story Building. Cue volunteer Elliot, who has been generously sharing his time, creativity and love of all things story with young writers over the past few months. He’s also helped out by spruiking with us at events like the Seddon Festival, where we stuck him in a comic frame and refused to let him out unless he answered these very important questions.

Favourite urban myth?

The Ghost Bunny of Altona.

Cake or cheese platter?

Cake obviously, how is that even a fair question? You can even make a cheese cake! No wait, cheese platter.

If you could be a character in a book, who would you be?

Peter Pan, no Tom Bombadil, no Dirk Gently. You choose.

If you were a character in a book, who wrote it?

David Bowie.

If Godzilla attacked, which Melbourne building (other than 100SB!) would you try to save?

Any hospital, people would need treatment and as scarce as food would become farms are far out, it would be transporting food in that would be the problem. So managing the sick and injured would be your goal, save some lives, prevent disease spreading and let the army sock it to Godzilla.

Plain paper or lined?

See I would say plain but I have looked at my scribblings and I think I need the lines to keep me in check. Wow, that says a lot about me.

Why do you support 100 Story Building?

I support 100SB because I want to get into the other floors and see the awesomeness. Also it is insanely fun and rewarding to share my passion for creating and writing with the kids.

What was your favourite 100 Story Building moment from 2013?

It’s more a collection of moments than a single one. Every time in Comic Boom that the kids offer to share stories of silly things they did. There’s always stories that leaving you rolling on the floor laughing or staring blankly asking ‘Why would you do that?’. It’s brilliant every time.

Thanks for being awesome, Elliot!