tHIS titel needs aneditor

Or a whole team of them. Young ones!

Things are gearing up here at Pigeons HQ. Fresh from an inspiring visit to the USA to meet with our friends at 826 Valencia and 826 National, as well as meetings with new friends Badgerdog and WritersCorps, we Pigeons are full of fresh ideas and plans for 2011.

Kicking it all off is our dynamic new after school program, Early Harvest, which we are thrilled to be running in partnership with the fine people of Melbourne literary journal harvest magazine.

Working with a group of upper primary students, Early Harvest will result in the publication of a children’s issue of harvest magazine. As the editorial board, the students will conceptualise, plan and deliver the publication of Early Harvest. The editorial board will seek out, edit and ultimately publish submissions from children and Australian children’s authors.

Professionals from the publishing industry and Pigeons volunteers will act as mentors for the editorial board, guiding students throughout the whole process of publishing a magazine. Guest workshops with children’s publishers, writers and book designers will also be run throughout the program.

Early Harvest is supported by the Maribyrnong City Council, and will bring together and give voice to children from a wide range of backgrounds. If you are interested in getting involved in the program, please do not hesitate to contact us.