What teachers say

We’ve been delivering creative story writing workshops to schools for more than five years. Here’s what some teachers have said about them.

The students were accepting of mistakes and challenging themselves. Students who don’t normally participate, wanted to. Ranae Williamson, Coimadai PS, Year 4, 5, 6.

Students have been inspired to use their imagination, to build their own story. Many of the quieter students are more confident in sharing their ideas. Students are showing more confidence in developing a story. Krystyna Bichenek, St Albans Meadows PS, Year 3.

Students were exploring ideas and documenting their thinking with pictures and words. Justifying ideas to match the story situation. Brad Nguyen, Essendon North PS, Grade 4.

Today we observed engagement with the task for a very reluctant writer. This student does not like writing in class and fights it. So him being eager to complete this activity is a great change. Catherine Coley, North Melbourne PS, Grade 4.

Watching a student who struggles with idea development in the classroom become totally engaged in the development of his story was a moment of significant change. Jaclyn Webster, Glenroy West PS, Grade 3/4.

Creative ideas drawn. Imagination shown. This grade can be difficult to manage so great to see rapt attention. Sharon Kouryialas, Westgarth PS, Grade 4/5.

Students got the humour and some who are very reluctant to share or often stuck for ideas contributed surprisingly witty responses. Amanda May, Kensington PS, Grade 3.

Kinesthetic learning. They love drawing so the hands on elements to it were fantastic and catered to the group well. Christie Roberts, Year 7, Catholic Regional College.

Students were extremely inspired to write their own ‘choose your own adventure’ story. Students were so excited to share ideas and be able to write their own pieces. Breannen Bingham, Manor Lakes College, Year 8.

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