What a Wonderful World(s)

2013-10-21 12.05.30

Did you know that somewhere out there is a world where all the inhabitants are books? And that to talk to each other, they open themselves up to a page? How often do you wish that you could do that in a conversation? For the more dramatically inclined, there’s also a place where everyone speaks in Opera.

How about the world where everyone has to live underground, because above ground there is just one giant 6-legged tiger that roams around. And by everyone, we mean all the aliens. Did you know about that?

You probably know about the world where there are Skysharks that shoot fire at plants, and also Spi-Bats. We assume you’ve even travelled there. Right? No? Oh.

Well, not to boast or anything, but here at 100 Story Building we were lucky enough to be shown around all these places with the best tour guides in the land … the world-creators themselves. Not only did we get to look in on the inhabitants, we got to find out what they like to eat, how they pay for their meals, what time is like in their worlds – you could say that we’re practically locals of places like Jellyworld, Bookworld and Operaland.

2013-10-21 13.06.43

But don’t take our word for it! One of our volunteers, Cleo, also came along for the tour.

I loved visiting Zombieworld. The little boy who created this world knew exactly what Zombieworld was like, including every detail about zombie life, food, activities etc … Zombieworld is a fascinating place.

2013-10-21 12.08.34

Thank you Footscray Primary School for sharing your worlds with us. We hope to visit them again soon, and hear more stories about the inhabitants. And thank you to our volunteers – Jackie, Cleo, Nicola, Elliot and Lindsay, you guys rock.

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