We raised $48,852!

A big thanks to all 100 Story Building supporters. With their generous support of 100 Story Sale campaign, we raised $48,852 this June for young writers from marginalised communities.

The funds collected will help us consolidate our flagship project Story Hubs

Story Hubs are inspiring spaces for young writers in their schools or local communities where they can pen, draw, tell, share, craft and design stories. 

They are modelled on our very tall (or very deep?) 100 Story Building, which comes equipped with a Time Machine, an anti-gravity chamber and 99 mysterious levels, which are constantly captivating the imagination of the young writers we support.

We are currently piloting Story Hubs with three schools in Melbourne‚Äôs west. Our aim is to set up Story Hubs in areas of high need across Victoria and to promote engagement with learning, confidence, literacy and critical thinking for young writers from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

The generous support of campaign has taken us closer to our goal. 

We thank all the young writers whose stories inspired the 99 levels on sale, and artists Jessica Wilson and Matt Hobson for bringing their stories to life through their illustrations.

We also thank creative agency The Royals for helping us create and launch this campaign.

A special shout out to children’s author Tony Wilson and young writer Darvey To for supporting the campaign with their testimonials.

Thanks once again to all our supporters who donated and / or shared our campaign among their networks.