Young Pigeons authors get the red pen out


As the grade five students of Footscray City Primary School are quickly discovering, writing is only partly about writing. With the first drafts of their stories complete, it is time they consider the wonderful and mysterious world of EDITING.

To help them in their task, the effervescent Davina Bell (whose many roles include Penguin children’s editor, harvest magazine publisher, and generous supporter of Pigeons) made a visit to the classroom yesterday, bringing with her a huge pile of editorial goodies.

From first draft to complete book, Davina left no part of the publishing process uncovered. The young Pigeons authors were given sneak peeks of upcoming titles, tips for keeping the reader immersed in the story and the chance to discuss their own ideas for illustrations and cover designs.

They also had a rare opportunity to pitch their manuscript to Davina, who was suitably impressed by the depth of talent and explosion of ideas in this group of young authors.

Pigeons would like to extend our warmest thanks to Davina for giving her time and expertise to these young writers!