Your Twine to Choose!

Twine - The Button hero
Twine is a special program that lets you write stories, which are also games: they can go in different directions, remember things the reader did, and have lots of different endings. Twine is free to download and use. You don’t even need to know how to program! Twine uses a simple language that is easy to learn.

100 Story Building have started running workshops using Twine with our resident game designer and writer Ben McKenzie, and the writer, designer and creator of Little Witch Story, Snow McNally!

Below you can try playing some of the Twine games made by participants in our workshops. Just click on the name of the story to begin.


  • Terror at 1,000 Storeys by Esme, Simon, Willow, Htet Htet, Caitlin and Yanna, with help from Snow and Ben – a collaborative Twine from our Unravelling Twine workshop about you, your dog, and a towering inferno!
  • Lost Forest Girl by Esme – your regular morning walk in the forest takes an unusual turn…
  • THE BUTTON by Htet Htet – you’re stuck in a room with two closed doors and one big red button. Will you press it?