Crime Masters On The Prowl

Alex and FinolaYoung editors, Alexandra and Finola, share the crime capers they uncovered while putting together early harvest issue six, with current Early Harvest mentor and former editor Caitlin.

The theme of the issue is CRIME and MURDER MYSTERY.

C: Ok guys! Have you enjoyed your experience at 100 Story Building?

A & F: Yes!

C: What has been your favorite thing to do as an editor?

A: I just liked arguing against people because I am very good at arguing, especially with my sister. So when we were decision making as a group, I loved arguing with others and even with myself.

F: Writing the submissions and reading the stories. Some of them were really good and some of them were straight up boring.

C: What has been the most important decision you have had to take as an editor?

A: I think the decisions we had to take about the stories were the most important.  And the next important decision was the cover.

F: Like Alex, I think deciding the stories was the most important decision we had to take. And the second was what goes on the cover.

C: So how do you imagine the launch to be? What do you want it to be like?

F: I would like the authors and illustrators to go onto the stage and talk about how awesome we are.

A: I would like it to be nice and lively and for lots of people to come and congratulate all of us. I would also like to eat a lot of food as long as it does not have any vanilla, custard or cream inside!

C: How would you want it to be decorated?

F: I would want it to be very colourful.

A: I think I would have it colourful on your way in, but once you are in, I would like to be as if you were inside the book [early harvest issue six], in the dark areas, as if you were in a murder scene. I would love that.

Alex, age 10, goes by the criminal code name ‘Giggles’, and if you really knew her well, you would know that she goes dirt-bike riding with her Dad and her younger sister Emily. You would also know that she loves chocolate because it is at the perfect level of sweetness and it is the colour of her hair.

Finola, age 11, goes by the criminal code name ‘The Mountain Chicken’ and if you knew her you would know that she is obsessed with a frog named mountain chicken, she has a dog named peaches and two cats and she has ORANGE HAIR.

Caitlin, age 13, is a proud Hufflepuff and loves Harry Potter. She is also obsessed with The Hunger Games. If Caitlin was a fantasy character she would be a water bender and would be really good at archery. Caitlin loves to read fantasy books almost as most as she loves to sleep, and she loves sleeping. She can’t decide what her favourite book is but she loves The Fault In Our Stars.

We invite children, families and supporters of 100 Story Building to the launch of early harvest issue six.

Date & Time: Saturday 11 November 2017, 2:00pm-4:00pm

Where: The Bowery Theatre, St Albans Community Centre, Princess Street, St Albans

FREE, please register here.

Early Harvest is a dynamic after-school program that brings together an editorial team of upper-primary students from Melbourne’s west, and provides them with mentoring and workshops to publish an issue of the yearly literary journal. All proceeds from the sale of the magazine go back to 100 Story Building’s free literacy programs.

This year’s Early Harvest program was made possible thanks to support from Bank of Melbourne Neighbourhood Fund. The issue six launch is supported by Brimbank City Council.

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