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Early Harvest is a dynamic program for upper-primary students that gives them an in-depth experience of the publishing process. Under the program, we bring together an editorial board of Year 5 and 6 students who publish an annual fiction publication. 

Early Harvest is a dynamic program for upper-primary students that gives them an in-depth experience of the publishing process. Under the program, we bring together an editorial board of Year 5 and 6 students who publish an annual fiction publication.

Are you looking for an innovative way to engage your Year 3-6 students in literacy and writing in 2020?

100 Story Building’s newly-expanded, curriculum-aligned Early Harvest program offers a complete narrative unit with a focus on student engagement. It will also give your students the opportunity to become published authors in a book, like The Sound Of The Dark (our 2019 publication available in bookshops across Australia).

The Early Harvest publishing program has two main components:

  • A school program supporting teachers to deliver a narrative unit and students to generate story submissions for a professionally-designed and distributed anthology of short stories
  • An editorial program offered to a select group of students to field the submissions, select the winning entries and produce the book.

The school program is closely aligned to Creating Text and Creating Literature requirements of the Victorian curriculum (VCELTS 355, 356, 343, VCELY 358, 359, VCELA 339). Here’s what the program offers over Term 1 & 2:

  • A Professional Learning series for teachers unpacking our tried-and-tested approach to authentic writing in the classroom
  • A video package from guest authors opening up their professional practice for students, and answering your students’ questions around any problems they may encounter while writing their stories
  • Two in-class workshops on idea generation and editing available in a format preferred by you: in-person or interactive video
  • The chance for every student to develop and submit finished stories for publication.

The editorial program is only offered to selected schools from areas of high need, who have also participated in the school program over Term 1 & 2.

In this editorial program, a panel of editors are selected from the partner schools. Under the mentorship of publishing professionals (editors, writers, illustrators, designers and more), the young editors make all the creative and editorial decisions for the book. They read and select the submitted stories, commission artists, edit stories, create illustration briefs and produce a book that showcases young, emerging writers alongside popular, award-winning authors and illustrators.

The workshops and submission process bring together children from diverse backgrounds and empower them to use their creative voice in a real-world context.

For the last 8 years, the two components were offered to a small set of partner schools.

In 2020, owing to the increasing popularity of the program, we have opened the first part of the program to all schools.We are excited to open our very successful Early Harvest program (read about it in The Guardian, AEU magazine, ABC Breakfast Radio and The Age) to you.

Read prospectus for details here.

REGISTER YOUR INTEREST for Early Harvest 2020 here.

In 2019, we collaborated with four schools in Greater Dandenong to integrate this publishing project for Year 3 to 6 students into their narrative units. The program inspired 135 students across six schools to submit spooky stories to a panel of 15 editors.

Early Harvest 2019 was made possible by the generous support of Gandel Philanthropy and Besen Family Foundation.

Our latest publication in this program is now available for Order! Grab your copy TODAY!

Buy The Sound of the Dark

It is The Sound of the Dark!

Our young Early Harvest editors have compiled 14 bone-chilling stories from the depths of a haunted house they stumbled upon. Alas, they went missing shortly after!

If you want to be thrilled, excited, tantalised, horrified, frightened and shocked all at once, you’ve come to the right book! The Sound of the Dark features puppets, creepy girls, headless teddy bears and rashes to scare the pants off you! (Disclaimer: We are not responsible for run-away pants.)

‘A white-knuckle rollercoaster ride of pure terror… I was so scared my eyeballs exploded and my head fell off.’ – Andy Griffiths

Our 15 editors received 135 submissions from young Australian writers, and one by beloved children’s author Oliver Phommavanh. They have collected the very best stories and illustrations to deliver a creepy-horror themed book like you’ve never experienced before. 

Cover Artist: Daniel Gray Barnett (winner of CBCA Award for New Illustrators 2019 for Grandma Z)

Theme: Creepy Horror 

Readership: Age: 8+

All profits from sales of The Sound of the Dark go back to 100 Story Building to run our free literacy programs.

Buy The Sound of the Dark

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Originally developed and run in partnership with author and editor Davina Bell (co-founder of harvest magazine) and community development worker and illustrator Emma Hewitt, this program is designed to give young writers and illustrators a voice, and to give them confidence in their own creative output.

Are you a young writer or illustrator and interested in submitting your work to Early Harvest? Email us!

This program is made possible by grants from Maribyrnong City Council (2011), the St George Foundation (2013), The Funding Network (2014), generous donors to our crowdfunding campaign (2015), Aesop and Brimbank City Council (2016), Bank of Melbourne Neighbourhood Fund and Brimbank City Council (2017), Bennelong Foundation and The Jack Brockhoff Foundation (2018) and Gandel Philanthropy (2019).


You Read Me?: Writing, Illustrating and Commissioning for Children

Video featuring 2015 early harvest editors and authors Shaun Tan and Sally Rippin

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