Fitbits and Baby Apes


When Octystar, whose superpower is turning people into Octypuses or stars, wandered up from Level 53 and insisted that we were not having enough fun, our young writers picked up the mic to prove him wrong.

The result? A podcast with micro stories and discussions on very important matters, such as:

  • What if Fitbits could act as homework ‘completers’?
  • What tears at your heartstrings when you are sitting on the toilet?
  • Will World War III spell the end of Taco Bell?
  • Where do baby apes sleep? (Apricots, duh!)

You can listen to it here.

Podcast: Talking Fitbits and Baby Apes
Created by BooWriClu
Stories by Eden, Giuseppe, Jessie, Kate, Lily, Mikayla, Nang, Owen, Petra and Sav

Production: Lucas and Simon

This podcast was created by the young writers of BooWriClu. Check out our programs for children and families here.