Meet the Volunteers. Sam.


Hi everyone! School is back to its business! How are you all?



I wanna sleep more!

I need to catch up on Doctor Who!

I didn’t do any of my homework!


Well that’s nice to hear from everyone. I don’t hear the adults complaining about working their butts off. There there, Dear Adult. You’ll get your big rest back soon…in another 11 months…

So 100 Story Building is back to their own business: after school workshops are open again! Welcome back to fellow members of the BooWriClub (Mondays), Write Club (Tuesdays) and Level 87 Book Club (Thursdays). Let’s hope 2015 shall be a year we do more fun things and hope we get to our 2015 goals! Who’s hoping to use less time on the internet?…no one? Uh…okay…

Before school had started I was able to catch up with another one of our volunteers, Sam. With a cup of tea ready, I asked her all the important questions.

D: What type of books do you enjoy reading?

S: I read all sorts of books. I’m an editor so I read lots of books for work and pleasure.

D: What has brought you here to volunteer at 100 Story Building?

S: Uhm…because I work with words all day long I thought it would be fun to work with other people. I am passionate about children’s literature so I thought it would be a good combo.

D: Can you name all the dwarves from The Hobbit?

S: *tuts* Gimli? No…uh…*deep in thought* …I should know….Kili, Fili…Nori….Thorin….I can’t name anymore.

D: If you had to choose, which book universe would you live in and why?

S: Hm…that’s a good question…*deep in thought* …um

D: *prepares to write ‘um’*

S: Don’t you dare write ‘um!’ …*deep sigh* So I read a lot of books that are set in the early 1900’s and there’s a lot of things I like about that era, but I wouldn’t have been a woman in that time as so they were many inequalities.

D: What is your favourite Disney movie?

S: I think I’m going to go with the Little Mermaid…there’s so many to choose from.

D: Now the final and important question. Who is your favourite Harry Potter and why?

S: I’m going to be really boring. *pause for suspense*. I’m going to say Hermione because I love a strong female character.

At this point Sam and I discussed other strong female characters in Harry Potter such as Professor McGonagall, Luna Lovegood, Ginny Weasley, Cho Chang – though I disagreed – and Bellatrix Lestrange which Sam looked at me weirdly when I told her she was one of my favourites…what? At least it’s better than having a Voldemort shrine at the back of your closet…uhm….I’ll see you guys soon! I have some books to read! 

<DeeTee has signed off>

Darvey is a Year 10 student who has advanced her training with Majesty, her pet dragon and writing skills. She has an obsession with Harry Potter, Korean culture, food and books. She is commonly known to be a wise person [she’s a granny] and childish at the same time. She likes Disney and you can find her singing to a variety of Disney anywhere and anytime.

p.s I don’t have a Voldemort shrine at the back of my closet. Seriously. I don’t.