100 Story Holidays

Be an AUTHOR these school holidays! 


We are joining forces with Melbourne Library Services and McClelland Sculpture Park + Gallery to offer a range of free and paid storytelling programs.



24 September

What makes a great comic? A hero. An origin story. A problem…a big problem! In this workshop, you will decide your hero’s superpower, secret identity and weakness and figure out the how, what, where and why of their origin. Use our cool stencils to give your comic book some graphic oomph!

City Library, 10:30am-12:30pm

253 Flinders Lane Melbourne VIC 3000

Ages: 7-11


The Hero That Went That Way

25 September

Ever wondered what would happen if a character in a book went through a different door? Or jumped out of the window? Or just turned around and walked away? Use ‘branching’ storylines that video games rely on to create a many-ended story were the reader chooses which path the character takes.

East Melbourne Library, 10:30am-12:30pm

122 George Street East Melbourne VIC 3002

Ages: 7-11


A Perilous Quest

26 September

You’re about to set off on a quest – a journey fraught with obstacles and, sometimes, a little bit of danger. Don’t worry though, all our heroes embark on their quests with a Hero’s Backpack, filled with objects that may prove useful in a tricky spot. In this comic-making workshop, you will create a map of a strange land, profile your hero and his/her nemesis, fill your hero’s Backpack, then set off on an adventure story!

Southbank Library, 10:30am-12:30pm

207 City Road Southbank VIC 3006

Ages: 7-11


Tales of Time-Space Treasures

24 September and 3 October

McClelland image

The grounds of the McClelland Sculpture Park + Gallery are being used as storage by civilisations across time and space. They are teleporting their most prized treasures through portals that are opening onto the lawns. Help us make sense of these monuments, statues, communication devices and giant baby toys that have overtaken the Gallery lawns. All writers leave with a written story, and a competely new perspective on contemporary art!

McClelland Sculpture Park + Gallery, 10am-2pm

390 McClelland Drive, Langwarrin, VIC 3910

Ages: 7-11

Cost: $75

Our programs are available for group bookings by libraries, councils, art galleries and parents. We can travel to you.

Write to us at info@100storybuilding.org.au for a quote or for more information.