100 Story Holidays


 Be an AUTHOR in these school holiday writing workshops!

To support our free programs for children and young people in Melbourne’s west, we run 100 Story Holidays. Come and write stories and comics with us!

100 Story Holidays are also available for group bookings by schools, councils and other organisations. We can travel to you. Contact us for a quote or for more information.


Time: 9:30am – 12:30pm
For ages: 7-11 years
Where: 100 Story Building, 92 Nicholson St, Footscray 3011
Cost: $49/workshop
Includes: all materials, takeaway stories, fruit for morning tea

Bookings for the next 100 Story Holidays workshops will begin in June 2019.

Level 38 SIA

Pigeons are conspiring against humans and hamsters are plotting to steal the plans to a secret invention! In this workshop, you will head out to the Level 38 Secret Intelligence Agency with the mission to infiltrate the animal kingdom. Armed with a secret identity including a new name, photo ID and passport, you will neutralise the nefarious plots and write an official report to your spy chief of your findings!

Facilitator: Laura Hartnell

Ages: 7-9

Level 68 Perilous Quest

You’re about to set off on a quest – a journey fraught with obstacles and, sometimes, a little bit of danger. Don’t worry though, all our heroes embark on their quests with a Hero’s Backpack, filled with objects that may prove useful in a tricky spot. You will create a map of a strange land, profile your hero and his/her nemesis, fill your hero’s Backpack, then set off on an adventure story!

Facilitator: Laura Hartnell

Ages: 7-11

Level 39 Comic-O-Rama

What makes a great comic? A character. A setting. A problem…preferably, a big problem! In this workshop, you will create your character and decide their strengths and weaknesses. You will figure out the how, what, where and why as they tumble into a problem. But most exciting of all, you will use our cool stencils and templates to give your comic book some pro graphic oomph!

Facilitator: Brendan Barnett

Ages: 7-11

Level 73 Magipocalypse

Life is great in the sorcerous worlds of level 73: learning spells, mastering your magic wand, breaking the fundamental rules of magic…wait! That last one unleashed utter chaos. It’s up to you to find the magical ingredients needed to make the world right again! Bring your enchanted adventure together in a comic book. (Great to try out the comic-making skills of the Comic-O-Rama workshop.)

Facilitator: Ben McKenzie

Ages: 9-11

Level 92 Games Unplugged! (NEW)

Racing to collect the colours from a unicorn’s tail. Building the biggest robot from spare parts. Hiding in the jungle from deadly animals. These ideas could be the start of a great story – or a great game!

Children will design and create their own board game as well as write its story, characters and how to play along with our resident games mechanic, Ben McKenzie.

Facilitator: Ben McKenzie

Ages: 7-11

Level 67 Incredible Creatures (NEW)

Calling all budding young crypto-zoologists! Strange, never-seen-before creatures are crawling, hopping and rollerblading around the Building. Identify them and capture their bizarre behaviour on film!

In this workshop, kids will design their own ‘incredible creature’ puppets, then write and narrate a short film about their unique behaviour and bizarre biology.

Facilitator: Brendan Barnett

Ages: 7-11

Level 24 Frightening Frequencies (NEW)

What’s a spooky story if you can’t hear the wind whooshing or the owls hooting in the background? Let your creepiest ideas loose before capturing them as a spooky radio play complete with spine-chilling sound effects that go on forever and ever!

Facilitator: Brendan Barnett

Ages: 7-11

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