Early Harvest Goes Cyborg

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According to a recent poll, about half of those surveyed believe computers will be as effective as people in creating music, novels, movies and paintings in the next 50 years. Well, we don’t know about that, but we can tell you that 12 young editors and 20 young writers/illustrators can create a pretty awesome literary magazine RIGHT NOW. It’s called early harvest issue 4, and it’s all about … technology!

Commissioned and edited by a young editorial board (still in primary school!) and delivered to you by the advanced technology of the printing press, this magazine showcases stories for young readers by the people that know them the best: young writers. And maybe Shaun Tan but you can decide that yourself.

Find out if you’re a robot, cyborg, human, computer or R2D2, run in to your favourite video game character (a pixel monster) in a choose-your-own-adventure, escape from robo-cats and get a new perspective on the time-travelling properties of your school printer.

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Thank you to all of those who attended our launch the other weekend – we’re sorry we could only manage to get cyborg Andy Griffiths along. Check out all the fun we had hoverboarding etc.!

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Images by Travis Fryer