Ayo this is DeeTee. a.k.a Darvey. Guess what? I’M BACKKKKK and I’m here to tell you something you wanna know, but first lemme take a selfie imma gonna ask you a few questions:

Are you bored?

Are you still getting over your ‘book feels’? Oh come on, you know what I’m talking about. Those emotions that make you feel like you’re on a roller coaster and you go ‘WHEEEEE THIS IS SO EXCITING’, ‘ERMAHGERD THIS IS AH-MAAAAAAYYYYYY-ZEEEENG’. Now it’s time for you to simmer down, chillax and take some nice ice cold water.

Do you sometimes wonder: what is the purpose of my part in this world? No one can get your answer, but you may get something from Alice Pung’s newest book Laurinda which…

we are giving away



Actually, there’s a small, but simple, price to this bargain of a page-turner book. Before I go over the rules, some things on Laurinda:

Laurinda is an exclusive school for girls. At its secret core is the Cabinet, a trio of girls who wield power over their classmates – and some of their teachers.

Entering this world of wealth and secrets is Lucy Lam, a scholarship girl with sharp eyes and a shaky sense of self. As she watches the Cabinet at work, and is courted by them, Lucy finds herself in a battle for her identity and integrity. 

Funny, feisty and moving, Laurinda explores Lucy’s struggle to stay true to herself as she finds her way in a new world of privilege and opportunity.

‘Alice Pung totally nails it with Laurinda. Funny, horrifying, and sharp as a serpent’s fangs.’  John Marsden

I for one have written a review for this as well:

Dear Lucy
As we approach a new century, we must equip our student to become leaders in myriad far-reaching social, economic and cultural fields. Laurinda is proud to introduce and embrace experiences of diversity in our strong tradition
It is with great pleasure that I write to inform you that you have have been awarded the inaugural Laurinda Equal Access scholarship’

Alice Pung’s newest masterpiece Laurinda tells the story of Lucy Lam, an Asian Year 10 who is placed into a school with high expectations from both her teachers and family that is ruled by the power of the Cabinet; three malicious yet ‘innocent’ girls. As Lucy’s year at Laurinda [College for girls] continues, she writes letters to Linh, a friend of hers of her experiences in life and at school.

Laurinda is a warming, yet funny story of a girl struggling to find her own place and identity at the school and believing in herself. This can only lead to her own path for her future. Lucy gains not just belief in herself, but she also gets something that is more important: leader-ship.



OMG it’s signed it’s sho prettayyyyyyyyyy  (✖╭╮✖)

You must answer this question with only 30 or less words: What would you change about your school and why? You can tweet us on our Twitter or you can post on our Facebook. We pick the best 5 and you can have your own Laurinda that is signed by Alice Pung herself! Isn’t that amazinggggg? (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Good luck to you all participants. May the odds be ever in your favor. Did you get my reference? Ah come onnnnn it’s an easy one! Anyways I should be getting to class. Potions with Snape is gonna be harsh, I have a test to do and I didn’t study because I had a tower of books to read. Catch you later!


Darvey is a mentor for the Early Harvest team 2014. She is currently a Year 9 student studying magic and dragons important high school stuff. Darvey was actually a member of the first edition of the Early Harvest team! How cool is that!? Her current interests are Harry Potter, books, writing and Korean related stuff.