How do you create children’s fiction that children love? You ask children what they would like to read!

Early Harvest is 100 Story Building’s annual children’s fiction publication. However, instead of asking adults to put it together, each year we get a team of young editors (ages 10-12) to decide the theme, commission stories and artworks, build a structure, select and edit the stories and produce the magazine. The editors are mentored by publishing professionals throughout the process but all editorial decisions are ultimately made by them.

The contributors are a mix of young writers and famous children’s authors. In the past, award-winning authors such as Andy Griffiths, Alice Pung, Maxine Beneba Clarke, Davina Bell, Andrew McDonald, Goerge Ivanoff and more have contributed to the issue. The latest issue includes a story by the Australian Children’s Laureate Morris Gleitzman.

“The right mix of brilliant ideas and polished stories.” – Author Maxine Beneba Clarke

“My students love reading work from children their own age, and using their ideas to create their own creative stories.” – Renee D, teacher 

“I love amazing stories written by children the same age as us. Some of them are better than the professionals” – Kristeen, Year 5

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Early Harvest 7: Dreams

Missing a dream or two? You might just find them hiding between the pages of Early Harvest 7. Thirteen young editors, 12 young writers and Australian Children’s Laureate Morris Gleitzman saved the world from a dreampocalypse and swept the lost dreams into the issue!

Readership age: 7+

Price: $19.95

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Also available at Readings Kids (Carlton North), Younger Sun (Yarraville) and Embiggen Bookshop (Melbourne CBD).


Early Harvest 6: Crime & Murder Mystery


Early Harvest 6 brings together a host of colourful characters and diabolical plots for you. Look out for caterpillars that kill, books that wail, shootouts at abandoned carnivals and the world’s worst detective who also happens to be a panda!

Readership age: 7+

Price: $19.95

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Early Harvest 5: The Impossible

Bend your mind – if you dare – with our impossible stories, quizzes and games. Meet worms that are afraid of the dark, philosophical bunnies, mutant meatballs, shapeshifting creatures, a unicorn doing the latest dance craze and emojis that come to life!

Readership: 7+

Price: $19.95

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Early Harvest 4: Technology

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SUCCESSFUL DOWNLOAD: Early Harvest 4. Switch your scrolling for page turning and discover tales of great technological wizardry, from robotic cats and raging cyborgs to troublesome printers and teleportation. Delivered to you by the advanced technology of the printing press and the imaginations of young writers.

Readership: 7+

Price: $19.95

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Early Harvest 3: Darkness & Mystery (SOLD OUT)


Jump into the black hole that is Early Harvest 3. On your journey, you will discover stories of mystery, darkness and the Unknown. Young writers have concocted stories and poems which will transport you to an incredible, inspiring, invigorating and interesting universe of creepiness and creativity.

Readership: 10+

Price: $19.95 (SOLD OUT)

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Early Harvest 2: Alien & Undead (SOLD OUT)


Don’t bother putting socks on because Early Harvest 2 will scare ‘em right off! Featuring stories and poems from young writers, this issue will blow your mind! If the gamma rays don’t melt it first. All purchasers are guaranteed a seat on the last spaceship to leave Earth.

Readership: 10+

Price: $19.95

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Early Harvest 1: Secrets


Psst! You! Yes, you. Want to know a secret? You’ll find a bunch in Early Harvest 1, written by a covert team of talented young writers. Don’t tell anyone, but inside these pages you’ll uncover secret stories, a dinner to remember and things you didn’t know about your best friends.

Readership: 10+

Price: $19.95

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