The Sound of the Dark

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Do you ever get that creepy feeling? 

When our 15 young editors (ages 10-12) entered a haunted manor on a haunted hill in a haunted town, they got this feeling…. But they didn’t listen! 

We haven’t seen them since. We’ve looked everywhere, all 100 stories. And boy, did it take a long time! 

All that’s left of them is a book titled The Sound of the Dark. Creepy right? 

You know, what’s even creepier than the title? The 14 spooky tales inside it. We’re getting goosebumps just thinking about them. The Sound of the Dark features puppets, creepy girls, headless teddy bears and rashes that’ll scare scare the pants off you! (Disclaimer: We are not responsible for run-away pants.)

Joining 13 young Australian writers in the book is beloved children’s author Oliver Phommavanh with his hair-raising yarn. Is he missing? Probably. Have we checked? Look, we’re too busy hiding!

The Sound of the Dark has been published under 100 Story Building’s year-long publishing program Early Harvest. This year, fifteen young editors from Greater Dandenong came together to curate this collection of stories by young writers mentored by publishing professionals. 

A confident and creative bunch, they were determined to make this book the most entertaining ‘creepy horror’ anthology that money can buy. Freaky but fun! 

All the young authors featured were mentored by children’s author Tony Wilson on audience-centric writing including storytelling conceits, poetic devices and sensory references. 

We thank the following schools for participating in the program:

  • Doveton College
  • Dandenong West Primary School
  • St. Gerard’s Primary School
  • St. Mary’s Primary School
  • Don Bosco Catholic Primary School Narre Warren
  • Mother of God Ardeer

This is the 8th publication to be produced through the Early Harvest program. You can view all previous publications here.

Early Harvest 2019 is made possible by the generous support of Gandel Philanthropy and Besen Family Foundation.

Title: The Sound of the Dark

Theme: Creepy Horror

Readership: 7+

Cover Design: Daniel Gray Barnett (winner of CBCA Award for New Illustrators 2019)

Designer: Regine Abos (winner of 2019 ABDA Award)

Price: $16.99 

Launch date: 20 November 2019

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Preorder The Sound of the Dark