Meet the Volunteers. Sebastian

100SB Volunteers Darvey interviews Sebastian

Guess who’s backkkkkkk?

*whispers* Darvey’s back.

Holidays have come to an end – NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO – and kids all around are bustling to get back to their routine at school. Some might be excited to see their friends, learn more things etc. and others may be pleading in class for a 15 minute (or more) nap.

During the last week of holidays, 100 Story Holiday workshops here gave children something to experience that was enjoyable and activated their imagination into the wild … well not literally. Just here where they can share their ideas with other children their age. I came in and helped out for one of them.

It’s quite a lot of work having to cooperate with a great deal of youngsters. There would be so many you can’t just handle five at the same time. There might be a (gentle) fight on one table, then three kids need help and another has gotten themselves (slightly) injured. So. None of the workshops can run smoothly without our wonderful volunteers *claps *. We have around 50 volunteers that help children and young adults expand on their knowledge of literature, be inspired and visualise their possibilities for the future.

This week I had the chance to interview one out of the 50 something-ish volunteers, so please get to know lucky number one, Sebastian!

D: What type of books do you enjoy reading?

S: I mostly read science fiction, comics…I don’t know. I like funny books too.

D: Anything you’re anticipating for 2015?

S: Uh…in terms of…?

D: Anything. Like life, movies to watch this year…

S: I would like to make some animations and movies myself…

D: What has brought you here to volunteer at 100 Story Building?

S: Uhm…it’s quite a complicated story. My girlfriend was doing a theatre project here and she said it was really cool. She recommended it to me because I’m an illustrator and it’s fun.

D: Can you name all the dwarves from The Hobbit?

S: No…I can’t remember…

D: If you have to choose, which book universe would you like to live in and why?

S: Ohh that’s a tough question. I’m going to go with Discworld from Terry Pratchett. The world is basically a disc with magic and it sits on top of four elephants. It’s crazy.

D: Now if you’ve been keeping up with the interviews with Meet the Editors, you should know this question would be coming. Who is your favourite Harry Potter character and why?

S: *groans*…I haven’t read the books…

D: *le gasp* You haven’t!?

S: I have seen some of the movies…I don’t know…

At this point, Sebastian was then forced to read all the Harry Potter books and was tested before confirming he still has no favourite character. Thankfully I didn’t call the police, but his crime shall be known to all on the internet! *evil laugh and vanishes in a puff of smoke*

Poofed away, Darvey

Darvey is a Year 10 student who has advanced her training with Majesty, her pet dragon and writing skills. She has an obsession with Harry Potter, Korean culture, food and books. She is commonly known to be a wise person [she’s a granny] and childish at the same time. She likes Disney and you can find her singing to a variety of Disney anywhere and anytime.


P.S. I didn’t force him to read Harry Potter, but I will someday … someday soon …

Image by Sebastian Fowler.