Story Hubs

Creative spaces for children and young people

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Story Hubs are co-created, imaginative spaces for children and young people within already existing community facilities, attached to a targeted program of creative literacy activities and professional development.

This idea is backed by international research that shows providing arts-rich learning opportunities to students leads to improved academic attainment, increased confidence in learning and positive community involvement.

In 2017, 100 Story Building was funded by Helen Macpherson Smith Trust to conduct a feasibility study on delivering Story Hubs in the City of Brimbank. We spoke to 153 children, young people, family members and staff representing 13 schools, council and not-for-profit organisations covering youth, health and education services. Now, we are looking to make Story Hubs a reality.

Read the Story Hubs feasibility study, or just the executive summary.

Let us know if you are interested in discussing collaboration, pilot partnership, or having a Story Hub in your school/community here.

Help us raise the funds to get Story Hubs up and running by donating now.



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